Licensing Information

Start a career in Real Estate

To start your career in real estate, you will have to take the required 60 hours class approved by Maryland Higher Education Commission and Maryland Real Estate Commission. Upon completing the 60 hours educational class and passing the school exams, you will receive a Certificate of Completion which will allow you to submit your application and pay the test fee to PSI Examination Center to take the Maryland Real Estate Salesperson examination. After passing the state exam, you can then seek affiliation with a broker to get your real estate license.

Our Mission

The mission of Reed Training Center for Real Estate is to teach and equip prospective students with content and theory of the 60 hours of Principles and Practices of Real Estate for Salespersons to take the exam to become a real estate sales person in the state of Maryland. It is also our mission to educate licensed salesperson in continuing education for license renewal and also prepare salesperson to complete the 135 hours of education to sit for the broker’s exam.